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"Corporate capture orchestrates the invisibility of power, veiling its influence like a puppeteer pulling strings in the shadows. 'ICARUS' attempts to render visible the unseen hands maneuvering behind the curtains of governance, revealing how powerful entities manipulate systems to serve their interests. Exposing corporate capture is akin to shedding light on the puppet master, unraveling the intricate web of influence woven to sway decision-making in favor of vested interests, a step in reclaiming democratic integrity" - Artist, Peter Wu+

Corporate capture of our government is invisible by design, enabling powerful companies to manipulate policy and undermine progressive change across a wide variety of issue areas without repercussions. When corporations have outsized influence over legislative and regulatory bodies, courts, and elections, they are able to evade accountability and manipulate the State into putting corporate profits ahead of public interest. 

It's imperative that we push back so we can finally create a rights-based society
and a more just world. 

Join us! 


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