The climate crisis we are currently facing is largely a product of the notoriously
profit-hungry fossil fuel industry. They knew about the climate risks 60 years ago and spent billions to cover up the truth, all to protect their profits. 

The fossil fuel industry has proved willing to do just about anything to protect its bottom line - including threatening the very existence of our planet and covering up the reality of this ongoing destruction. The industry has amassed a 

significant level of power and influence through its strategic campaign spending and extensive lobbying operations. 

In the last decade, oil and gas interests have spent over $1.5 billion lobbying the federal government and put over $529 million towards influencing the outcome of elections. And that's just the money we know about.


The industry also works to place industry-friendly figures in key government roles. For example, during the Trump administration, about one-third of the political staff who worked on energy and environmental issues had ties to the fossil fuel industry or the Koch brothers' empire. 

This unchecked political influence has allowed the industry to evade accountability and manipulate the government into prioritizing industry profits above public interest - endangering our water, air, health, safety and the very existence of our planet

Corporations are using their money and influence to stand in the way of our efforts to save our planet and fight climate change. 

It's time to limit their power so that we can create a rights-based society & a more just world. 

Join us!


Artist: Stacy Lynn Waddell

"Formally, when you look at them, a big giant crinkle sheet of paper that you can then continue to shape. The other thing about these blankets is that can be shaped into forms, right? They could be folded like a tapestry. And that kind of like every time you change the form or shape of it, it holds the memory of what you did to it prior, and that's what the environment does, right? It holds the memory of what we're doing to it, of everything we've done to it."

- Waddell

Stacy Lynn Waddell creates works that structure sites of intersection between both real and imagined aspects of history and culture. With a variety of transformative processes that include heat/laser technology, accumulation, embossing /debossing, interference, and gilding, these points of intersection pose important questions related to authorship, beauty, and the persuasive power of nationalistic ideology. The artist splits her time between North Carolina and New York.


Waddell's installation tackles climate change as she throws an emergency blanket over the National Mall Reflecting pool. The emergency blanket takes global warming trends to a new level as it allows the viewer to jump through the history of our planet's destruction. This piece ties in how oil & gas industries pump money into controlling a well-oiled political machine that funds policies that prioritize corporate profits at the expense of the environment. 

You can experience the installation by downloading the ICAR AR app and heading over to the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool


You can view the artist's portfolio below