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His "X" Mark

"Many companies have come onto our land to mine, frack and build oil pipelines leaving our earth devastated, our water undrinkable and our air polluted. The United States government paves the way for wealthy corporations to come onto our land and exploit our resources and people”- Robbins, Capitol Inc. 

Many of the harmful, pro-industry policies that flow from corporate capture disproportionately impact Indigenous communities. From oil and gas pipelines approved by industry-dominated regulatory agencies to toxic water pollution flowing from factory farms and the rollback of environmental regulations, the federal government continues to break its promises to Indigenous peoples in the U.S., putting corporate profits ahead of their rights and sovereignty.

Corporations are using their money and influence to undermine the sovereignty of Indigenous communities across America.

It's time to limit their power so we can finally create a rights-based society
and a more just world. 

Join us! 


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